Experience What You Thought You Knew!

JJ Communications Inc, offers training that is unlike anything you have ever experienced when it comes to the DISC Model of Human Behaviour. People often have only scratched the surface when it comes to understanding, experiencing and applying the DISC Model of Human Behaviour in their professional and personal life.

Many people, who have been through other DISC certification training programs, often share how our unique approach to training provides more depth and applications in their professional and personal life. We think you will agree!

Equipping You
You will hear directly from accredited and Senior Master Trainer JJ Brun, Human Behaviour and Communication Specialist, in addition to his experienced staff. You will learn how to apply the DISC Model of Human Behaviour in a variety of ways. Upon the completion of training, you will be equipped and ready to use a series of comprehensive resources for professional and personal use.

So, whether you simply want to learn and grow yourself, become a Certified Consultant, or become a Master Trainer, we would be delighted to be a part of helping you reach your goals.

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